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  • LOCATION Belmont, MA
  • favorite color Combination Slate Blue, Crisp Ivory & Creamy Camel
  • Favorite Room A sun lit sitting room
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A team Vision

What does home mean to you?

Let us help you figure the answer out. I believe that our homes dictate the way we live, both in and outside of them– so why not live passionately?

Our goal with every design project at Lovejoy Interiors is to create design that lasts. To design luxuriously with an attention to detail. To form eye-catching color palettes, blend diverse textures, and mix in beautiful furnishings. But, it’s also to have a relationship with a home and the people who inhabit it. In the end, the highest compliment we can receive is that a client was treated carefully, honestly, and creatively.

Life is not perfect. The peonies from the photoshoot will die, and there will be pasta sauce accidentally spilled on the new sofa. These memorable moments are what make home a home. We like spaces that are detailed and thoughtful but most importantly, you can feel the soul of it’s inhabitants and what is important to them.


Where it Began

Phoebe Russell has been recognized for her fresh take on traditional interiors. Known for creating spaces that are both elegant and practical, colorful yet serene. Lovejoy Interiors loves to help clients find their inner designer and put forth a vision that they are proud to call their home.

Established in 2008 and named in 2013 as a 5 Under 40 recipeint by New England Home Magazine, Phoebe has been published in New England Home Magazine, Design New England and The Boston Globe.  Located in a leafy suburb of Boston, Lovejoy Interiors works on projects both in the city and the countryside and has a special place for homes with a history.


Duly Noted

You don’t need a spirit guide to help you find your own style. Just embrace what you already know you like, and heed these tips!

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