• Location Cambridge, MA
  • Year 2013
  • Scope Interior Design, Furniture Specification, Installation and Styling, Material Sourcing, Millwork Design, Interior Architecture
  • Photography Michael J Lee

Cambridge Residence

A true passion project, this was my previous home. As we tend to be our own worst critics, I got to work on a complete overhaul of bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces in my quest to personalized perfection.

The design focus began with the de gournay panels in the dining area that my husband and I had hung at our wedding. Always a lover of mixing traditional with modern, we had some modern artwork mixed in with the de Gournay for an eclectic feel. The color palette was born of these influences– blues, soft aquas, pops of earthy and rich chartreuse, and ivory. Fun fact– we started designing this home with the intention to sell, since it wasn’t going to accommodate our plans for our growing family. This ivory gave us the neutral backdrop we wanted, that still offered a layer of warmth.

We transformed the office into a nursery, scrutinizing not only the lighting in this room, but spending countless hours sourcing the right lighting for the whole home in brass finishes. To me, lighting is the jewelry of the room. It’s crucial to coordinate these accessories in a way that brings the most warmth into a space.

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