• Location Boston, MA
  • Year 2011
  • Scope Interior Design, Furniture Specification, Installation and Styling, Material Sourcing, Millwork Design, Interior Architecture
  • Photography Michael J Lee

Charles Penthouse 2

An urban penthouse overlooking the Boston skyline and lush greenery of the Commons in the foreground, this home was originally designed as a gallery space for the previous owner’s art. Though full of potential, we needed to break down some serious walls for a truly cathartic renovation. Starting fresh, we were able to approach this home as a totally blank slate, and re-imagine the entire space including the entry, living room, dining area, guest bedroom, and master suite.

Once a bachelor pad, we directed a slightly feminine energy into the home, channeling a fresh vibrancy for our audacious female client, hailing from California and ready to make a statement. Though the wrap-around windows of the Penthouse certainly make a statement of their own, we employed graphic wallcovering and an elegantly cheeky light fixture in the entry.

Using neutral, cool tones, we effectively softened the palette without applying a singular gender on the overall design, welcoming all of her many weekend guests to come.

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