• Location South End, Boston
  • Year 2015
  • Scope Interior Design, Furniture Specification, Installation and Styling
  • Photography Michael J Lee

Shawmut Residence

This couple came to us for a simple facelift of their South-end Boston home, making it functional, beautiful, and livable for a young couple with a small child. While the husband had an affinity for modern aspects, the wife– an old college undergrad friend of mine– was more interested in cozy farmhouse styles. Cue Lovejoy Interiors to the rescue.

We covered the upstairs living area, dining area, living room, and master bedroom. With a neutral palette, we achieved a light and airy freshness of farmhouse styling, while still attaining a modern simplicity. We engaged color with bold pops, employing jewel tones like magenta, purple, turquoise, mustard, and blues, with black; this element offered the femininity that the wife was looking for, while also contributing a modern, geometric feel within the spectrum. We added bespoke walnut pieces, catering not only the warmth expected within the parameters of a farmhouse feel, but speaking to the trademark wood detail of mid-century modernism.

We implemented a large storage feature upstairs– both flattering, concealing, and functional storage for a small child. We also heeded the wife’s occupation. Working in wellness, she was very involved in the food and nutrition industry, and we wanted her kitchen table to reflect that, using a large beautiful table to display her beautiful meals.

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