• Location Jamaica Plain
  • Scope Interior Architecture & Interior Design, Furniture Specification, Lighting Design, Materials Sourcing, Installation & Styling
  • Photography Michael J. Lee

Jamaica Plain Victorian

This 1870s Victorian was built as a summer house for a Beacon Hill tea and tobacco merchant. And there is no better steward than its current homeowner to shepherd it into its current day beauty. When the homeowner came to us to update the interior design of some of the main spaces it was an immediate yes. The client had already begun a beautiful curation of the interior spaces by adding many arts and crafts pieces passed down to him from his mid-western family roots. He discovered a love for William Morris prints which live harmoniously next to his vast collection of interior design, gardening, and fictional books. Another notable collection we had the good fortune to work with was his vast inventory of 1900s matte green arts and crafts pottery. It was special to work with such prized possessions. It was very important to respect the home's history as well as our clients’ beautiful interior point of view.

We started with the main living room, an office space, and two bedrooms before moving onto the library, primary bedroom, dining room, and a small sitting room in what was once the maid’s quarters of the home. Our goal was to re-imagine this historic home for the current day. We created a color palette of soft terracotta, crème beige, Dijon yellow, saddle brown, and sea blue. The homeowner loves to entertain. The living room is one area where he does just that. With its 14’ plus high ceilings and long shape; we created multiple seating areas with the goal of making this very large room feel intimate despite its size. Another notable space is a bedroom on the 2nd floor. We swathed the room with marine blue paint for the walls and hung beautifully embroidered fabric on the windows. The two new twin beds with their hand-turned spindles live nicely next to some of the existing heirloom pieces.

This stately beauty is a well-made home. It is an example of original detailing done well. From its mahogany doors to the parqueted floors, it is special. We listened to the history of the home so as not to make it something it wasn’t. Our hope is that this house lives on for years, amazing its guests with its beauty. And reminding us that a home with a soul is one you can never forget.


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